For many people is December one of the most beautiful but also most hectic times of the year. Things to-do in and outside your work just keep multiplying at exponential rate and your day doesn't seem to have enough hours. Sometimes you desperately wish to at least steal somewhere 5 minutes for a relaxing cup of coffee...

Rings a bell? To-do list and time management app Taskio  comes with very pleasing way to organise things to-do into Today, Tomorrow and Someday - so you don't get overwhelmed by the first look at your schedule. (Note: There is always time for the panic later!) 

Even more significant for times where every second counts - Taskio comes with the smart recognition date feature. It  offers you  the comfort of recognising the date from typed text in the task and converting it into your set schedule. With intuitive date input in place you don't have to endlessly push the buttons to set a date and time first, then continuing to type the text of the task etc.
It certainly makes things easier and even more important - saves time... maybe for one cup of coffee (or taking a deep breath before answering your boss' question asked for the millionth time today)

Let's see how it works step by step. In our scenario I have to meet Tim on Tuesday at 9.00 am.

As the first step we'll press the Plus button on the screen... to create a new task.
Type text "Meet Tim on Tuesday 9.00 am" or "Meet Tim 11/3/2015 9.00 am"
...on screen you can already see reminder (coloured blue) recognising date from the text - all you have to do is tap it once...

... and reminder was set with clearing the recognised date text from the task. Save the task...
...and you are done! Simple - isn't it?

Fast and easy to set up tasks to save you time where it counts. And the best thing? Smart recognition date feature is available with free download  at iTunes.

What are you waiting for?