“The best to-do app in the App Store. It lets me do everything in simple and intuitive swipes. Creating tasks with deadlines down to the minute is a breeze. I would love to see a mac version that integrate with this app to make my workflow even better.” (user review)

 "Taskio comes awfully close to being next great to-do app." – MacLife

With easy to use features and smart design to-do app Taskio was designed with pleasing simplicity and functionality in mind. 

Taskio's key features:
  • Task reminder including recurring tasks
  • Reminders app import - easy use of voice assistant to create a new task
  • Date detection - intuitive date detection from text or voice input
  • Calendar with simple drag-and drop planning
  • Multiple sub-tasks and tags support
  • Location based reminders - allows to enter the address or pick a location from map
  • Cloud synchronization - create task on desktop - get reminded on mobile. Mobile, desktop or web - you'll get access to your app anywhere.
  • Multiple swipe gestures support
  • 14 different color themes – to choose your own personalized look

Not over-complicated tasks are offering features expected from to-do apps available for free or in Premium version ($0.99 monthly, $9.99 yearly or $14.99 lifetime) at iTunes. Taskio can so satisfy beginner as well as well versed user in the world of to-do apps for the best value on the market.

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We'll take a closer look at Taskio's features in our next posts.