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Posted: Monday, February 15, 2016
Great way to keep yourself out of trouble

Went on a business trip but haven’t stopped by to say hello to Auntie Jane who lives 5 minutes away from the business meeting? Running late for family dinner (once again) but completely oblivious to your other half’s favorite chocolate store right in front of you? Forgot to buy milk? All those troublesome situations can be avoided with the location based reminders. Who ever came up with the location reminder deserves a medal!

Taskio's Location based reminders will simply notify you (Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad) when you are nearby the given location. As with all of Taskio features it's very easy to use so let's have a closer look how its done...   

In our case we want to create a reminder for certain shop with luxury chocolate treats - what a better way to keep your better half happy then completely "spontaneous" little presents from their favorite shop?!

We start with creating a new task - after choosing from the basic screen  All tasks tap the blue Plus button on the bottom of the screen and type the new task "Chocolate for my Honey"... 

...tap Reminder to choose specific day or time for this task - in our case we don't set a specific date - as we want to be notified whenever we are nearby the wished location we choose the option Someday...
...Reminder set we continue to set location for our task tapping the Location on the screen. A familiar image will be displayed with our current position on the map and the  search address option in upper row of the screen...

At this point it is up to you how you'll proceed to choose your wished location as Taskio offers several options how to set up the location reminder:

  •     Select your current location - simply tap on the displayed text with your current address
  •     Select saved (favorite) location.
  •     Pick a location from map - tapping on the map to get a full screen display and simply pinpointing the right address on the map
  •     Search for an address

 ... in our case we'll go with the last option as we don't remember the exact address only the name of the shop "Hotel Chocolat" in Bromley. We'll start with typing  „Hotel Chocolat Bromley“ (your options are displayed – the more info you type the more will be location narrowed down )... 

... now we'll tap on the right address and the location will be displayed on the map... 

...if you are satisfied with it – tap Done and location of your task has been set...

Note:  In this Step you can also save the location to your Favorites with a familiar Star symbol. Tap on the Star symbol, write a short description for the location and the next time you'll need to create a task with the location based reminder, the basic screen will not only display your current location but also all your saved favorite locations - you'll just choose the right one and you are done. 

Location already set we can further add some tags or subtasks - it's all up to us with how much detail we'll create the task. For our present task we further choose Personal and VIP tags...

...and satisfied with all details we'll save our task with Done... All set!

Now all that's left to do is buying some chocolate goodies when the reminder pops up and impress your dearest with your attention... Even if Taskio doesn't have a magic formula to make all your daily lives perfect  it can certainly help you to at least keep yourself out of unnecessary troubles...

So what are you waiting for? iTunes is open 24/7!!
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Posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Intuitive date input ... because your time is precious!
For many people is December one of the most beautiful but also most hectic times of the year. Things to-do in and outside your work just keep multiplying at exponential rate and your day doesn't seem to have enough hours. Sometimes you desperately wish to at least steal somewhere 5 minutes for a relaxing cup of coffee...

Rings a bell? To-do list and time management app Taskio  comes with very pleasing way to organise things to-do into Today, Tomorrow and Someday - so you don't get overwhelmed by the first look at your schedule. (Note: There is always time for the panic later!) 

Even more significant for times where every second counts - Taskio comes with the smart recognition date feature. It  offers you  the comfort of recognising the date from typed text in the task and converting it into your set schedule. With intuitive date input in place you don't have to endlessly push the buttons to set a date and time first, then continuing to type the text of the task etc.
It certainly makes things easier and even more important - saves time... maybe for one cup of coffee (or taking a deep breath before answering your boss' question asked for the millionth time today)

Let's see how it works step by step. In our scenario I have to meet Tim on Tuesday at 9.00 am.

As the first step we'll press the Plus button on the screen... to create a new task.
Type text "Meet Tim on Tuesday 9.00 am" or "Meet Tim 11/3/2015 9.00 am"
...on screen you can already see reminder (coloured blue) recognising date from the text - all you have to do is tap it once...

... and reminder was set with clearing the recognised date text from the task. Save the task...
...and you are done! Simple - isn't it?

Fast and easy to set up tasks to save you time where it counts. And the best thing? Smart recognition date feature is available with free download  at iTunes.

What are you waiting for?

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Posted: Sunday, November 1, 2015
Smart and simple task management is here!
“The best to-do app in the App Store. It lets me do everything in simple and intuitive swipes. Creating tasks with deadlines down to the minute is a breeze. I would love to see a mac version that integrate with this app to make my workflow even better.” (user review)

 "Taskio comes awfully close to being next great to-do app." – MacLife

With easy to use features and smart design to-do app Taskio was designed with pleasing simplicity and functionality in mind. 

Taskio's key features:
  • Task reminder including recurring tasks
  • Reminders app import - easy use of voice assistant to create a new task
  • Date detection - intuitive date detection from text or voice input
  • Calendar with simple drag-and drop planning
  • Multiple sub-tasks and tags support
  • Location based reminders - allows to enter the address or pick a location from map
  • Cloud synchronization - create task on desktop - get reminded on mobile. Mobile, desktop or web - you'll get access to your app anywhere.
  • Multiple swipe gestures support
  • 14 different color themes – to choose your own personalized look

Not over-complicated tasks are offering features expected from to-do apps available for free or in Premium version ($0.99 monthly, $9.99 yearly or $14.99 lifetime) at iTunes. Taskio can so satisfy beginner as well as well versed user in the world of to-do apps for the best value on the market.

Interested? Try for free!

We'll take a closer look at Taskio's features in our next posts.
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